09 April 2009

the story of a clementine

the clementines i bought yesterday were brilliant in color and firm. thinking, they aren't ripe yet.
i bought them anyway.
they were 2,99 euros i thought a steal.
i hurt my thumb trying to peal it when i got home, but i couldn't wait.
i cut it open with a knife.
the juice was dripping down my fingers and hands stinging the cuts from a nervous habit i'm trying to quit
it was the most delicious clementine i have ever eaten, or so it felt. maybe too because of all the hard work.

I had another before i went to bed.
i used my middle finger to peel it
it come off in bits
FRUSTRATING but still delicious.

with my morning coffee i gave it another go. i felt each of them for the softest.
i used a knife to carefully peel away the skin.
smooth. wonderful i thought!

I gently tried to peel away the little pieces of delicious
but they clung to each other like lovers at the departing gate of airports, or so i thought.
i ate two at a time.
beneath my fingertips are stained a florescent orange.
i thought of you.


  1. Hey, is that a burnt match next the Clementine? Puff, puff, choke, choke, ok it’s a cute story and I hope that you used the match to light a candle. :)

  2. i woke up and do what i always do, make a really strong cup of coffee, make a small breakfast to get me going and get dressed. i decided to check my emails and i'm so glad i did. kelly, its beautiful, its perfect. it made the beginning of my day so much better, it actually brought me to tears...i miss u and hope your living it up baby!!!

  3. ooooh mah darrrrlin'
    ooooh mah darrrrrlin'
    oh mah darrrrrrrrrrlinnnnng