28 May 2009

fictional pretenses

its the memory of morning whispers and moonlight chandeliers
it is how she wished love remembered her
it is what she wants to see in the reflection of their eyes
it is the fine line between reality and fantasy
time escaping us
becoming us.
a vague recognition through the grain and dust
becoming us.
as real as summer snow
so quickly turning into the end of our wardrobe
willingly into Narnia.
a game we play as children
yielding to our past as if we had a choice
this is the moment our legs slip
and desire became fragments of our bodies
flashing through our minds like broken film strips in old theatres.
intimate moments fade further with each passing glance
and soon become unrecognizable.


i was asked to shoot this play... working with deaf youth.. it was incredible. i never really considered sign language in german...feeling yet another degree of separation from the verbal form of language...forcing the collaboration of the mind and communication though art... amazing.











the cast

20 May 2009

missing it...

today it came from the mid-west he said... Chicago perhaps

last night it came from the rain, under the awning, inside my glass of wine, written on my blank pages, it came from France, actually it was whispered in my ear, from the breath of a mouth that spoke french with love... and in the morning it came from my heart as it danced across my skin, trickling in from my chipping white pained window...

and walking home this evening, it came from the park i sat in, the cafe i sipped from, the sidewalk i fled from, the train i missed, the mouth i wanted to kiss, the lonely street i wandered, and corner i smoked on, the doorway i stood in before i climbed my mountain home. and sitting here now, the same white window welcomes the skin of lovers its kisses, and oceans that carried it, the hands it held, eyes it missed, the doors it closed, the cracks that welcomed it, and the arms that needed it.

i close my eyes, and think of you, and hope the same breeze that expands my lungs with the deepest of breaths and fills my imagination with the wildest stories...came from your skin, from your window, from you.

18 May 2009

body art conjunction

i have been trying to make this blog for a while now, and really don't know how i want to present this work.. so i will preface this, as it is a beginning to a project i am currently working on called "stitching" it will be a part of a book project... as well as, hopefully, hung on gallery walls when i return... once i have this project a bit more thought out with words i will elaborate (mostly for you wood, cause you are the only one who follows this anyway, and i tell T everything before i even think it, so this really should be titled the Woody project! love you.

so comments are very welcome...


die muse...






14 May 2009

stimulate stitching

hearts on broken doors. to hallways with plastic frames.out windows with fabric flowers. over looking courtyards keeping dismantled bikes.

and through the glass clear as day...

10 May 2009

because woodie told me so..

10 reasons why i don't miss the united states of america...

1.the EIS is AMAZING, and it makes me happy!

2.you can drink... yup, anywhere....even on the public transportation without the brown bag.

3.you can roll down hill, just about anywhere, if you have the brilliant idea to.

4.where can you find scenery like this?

5. can you go to a club with a giant portrait of a woman and her legs spread wide open on the wall.

which leads me to this...

6. where else can you find a beautiful woman... in an incredible bier garden holding brotworst and bubbly Berliner beer (yes, beer on a sunny afternoon, in the right company,in the right country i am learning is not so bad)

7. find bars that are covered floor to ceiling with pink fuzzy carpet...and i mean floor to ceiling...

8.Sleep in beds like this...

and crawl in bars like that....

9. where else can you turn yourself into statues...

10.. and most importantly have the time of your life... with people like this...

alright... with these reasons aside... i am ready to move to Europe.. back your bags baby and grab the pup!

Number one reason that makes me sad in berlin...

1. having to say good bye... hungover as SHIT!