18 April 2009

picture it, berlin 2009

Picture it, berlin 2009. a young woman. sick, dehydrated, alone stumbles into a hospital seeking medical attention. she asked the receptionist how she was doing, and she stares at her stuttering... i..i...i.... I haven't been asked how i am in over 2 years, she didn't know how to answer the young woman, she smiled and repeated herself, the receptionist smiled and still didn't know how to respond.

she sat in the waiting room beside an older man. she felt for him, his blistered withered skin and tired eyes, thinking, wow he must be really ill and no family with him. he then pulls out a rather large bottle of spirits and began to chug right from the bottle, for minutes so it seems... in the middle of the waiting room of the damn hospital, she thought to herself...well there's that... and then she thought, shit if only i could get down a damn kit kat, i would have probably ask for a sip too...

she's called in. a ripe young doctor, arrogant little prick actually. makes a right into room 11, lucky she thought... or SO she thought. his English broken, her German, well never mind that. he knocks around...presses and prods tells her he is going to need to take blood and give her a transfusion. she says, excuse me? Was ist das? he says, ah.ah. put water in your veins. well that's sounds appealing, she says no thank you. cause obviously she knows better then he does.

the nurse enters, sticks the needle...takes from this girls insides what she needed. and leaves the needle in. the woman asks... aren't you going to take that out? her and the other doctor have a good laugh motioning something about when she gets home... they leave the room, the same room that begins to spin around the girls head until the next thing she knows she is being lifted off the floor by 3 doctors with her legs above her head and IV drip beginning to pump cold through her veins. She asks who are you? where am i? what am i doing here? completely disorientated, she lays on the hard old iron table which has the appearance that the hospital was built around this damn thing and waits to understand what had just happened.

Laying there she began to cry... and then.. in midst began to laugh, harder and harder, hysterically actually. the doctors looked at this strange American girl.. i mean she just fainted and is laughing, hysterically... she thought to herself, are you serious? second week in Germany, she is sick in bed for a week...and i mean fucking sick. then in the hospital were she faints,and injuries herself pretty badly from the fall from the hospital bed to the cement floor, but then successfully makes it though her first IV, in another country, alone. i mean... this is pretty funny.

a few hours later they give her some papers some pills and send her on her way.

A busted knee, an injured neck and upper back, a stomach that apparent has a severe inner infection of some kind that will hopefully work itself out in 3 to 5 days and if not she is back to the hospital and a pink slip. she hobbled to a cab... but thankfully just in time to make it to the main street to sit and pay the cab driver to watch the German Ice Hockey Parade march through town before being able to crawl back into bed. i mean, whats a trip to the hospital with out a little parade!

well needless to say, my adventures do not stop even when extremely ill!
bitte schön

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  1. Holy toledo sunshine! You are taking your lumps right from the get go. Can't help with the empty space but her's a big hug for ya all the same. Hang in there sweetie. I hope you feel better soon and I'm guessing/hoping this blog is sorta cathartic? You'll appreciate the memories, crazy as they may seem right now. Ladies night is not the same without you...