15 April 2009

20 days...

i miss after 20days

washing machines i understand
dryers period (apparently there is a shortage)
a warm hug
the space beside me taken
a familiar face
rainy days
a bed with sheets in a frame off the floor :)
my health
breakfast that doesnt include a pastry
eggs i am not afraid to eat (thanks food poisoning)
understanding how to pick up a package when i receive a little blue slip in my box
(ok honestly thats kinda fun, its like a scavenger hunt, having to put together the clues to get a surprise at the end... FUN! thanks T, well hopefully it is from you!)
did i mention my friends and America?

ok for things i love about this city...

the light
every time i leave my door it is an adventure i cant wait to go on.
my endless opportunities
learning and appreciating what i am capable of
eagerly awaiting surprise visits!!!
the cafes
the quiet time reading
the glass of wine at a random bar
the complete lack of control i have, invigorating.
i am sure when i return i will have a list of things i miss about berlin, just currently i am too busy experiencing them to miss them just yet.. so i guess that in itself is something to miss... experiencing this everyday.


  1. Hello I really like your blog, I would like a link exchange with you,
    I insert your blog to my favorite blogs ;)

  2. a few things:
    1) i dont know anything about any packages...
    2) america (as you call it) is overrated (even tho i make a conscious choice to continue living here)
    3) is it june yet? (come on universe, speed it up a bit)

  3. Verpassen Sie Englisch? :) Als ein Heilmittel, vielleicht könnten Sie wenigstens 1 Blog auf Deutsch aufstellen. ,-)