20 April 2009

postage stamps

i was sick. i wanted INDO soup. i gather up the strength to leave the house. get on a train. TUK TUK (the Indonesian restaurant i was going to) dangled the sign "closed" in my face, as if it were laughing at me that i didn't check to see if they served lunch. i was exhausted. i found this park. where i laid in the grass to plan how i was going to try and find food my stomach could handle.

A few hours later i woke up.(this is where i woke up)

this was in front of me

it was a beautiful nap.. the sun was so warm and the breeze had to have come from greek islands somewhere, in and out of the windows of villas where families were cooking dinner and wine... sorry i am out of control.. haha.. moving on... (i have a mild obsession with breezes) anyway it was a fabulous little nap...the rest of the day however was short lived...

i found this postage stamp and wished i was on the inside of a package being shipped anywhere but where i was, far from home, from a bed,from from a familiar face and warm hug... far. really really far.and tired. and starving. maybe being shipped to a time when i could eat!

thankfully, i am feeling much better. looking forward to eating the surprise package my brother sent me with an equally beautiful postage stamp

... in a few days im hoping...

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