11 April 2009

2 cappuccinos and a lot of wine later....

preface: i am a cheap date and my tolerance for alcohol has dropped severely in 17 days.. yay no more alcoholism. : ) as i sit here and drink a bottle of wine... haha i will tell you of my day!

so i set off to go to a coffee tasting on this beautiful Saturday, which turned out to be a man.a large old fashion oven on the side walk. and well, i was a little intimidated to ask for any coffee...so i seek out a little coffee tasting of my own.

i find the cutest cafe, as you do, on yet another cobble stone street, and what i love about them is they dont produce a historical fiction like trying to preserve history, they merely serve a purpose.. it is a street. made of linking stone... i like. another Christmas morning surprise for breakfast, the only thing im sure about is a cappuccino. it was delicious. my caffeine intake has gone from a soy mocha at home to a latte with sugar.. to a cappuccino with sugar, and currently.. a capp.. soon it will be a mainline from espresso machine to my veins.. at least its not beer and i am not rolling my own cigarettes...yet.

i am completely obsessed with the grocery stores here. and go into every single one that i see. and could spend hours in them. it is kinda becoming a problem. they are starting to stare, maybe it is because i am taking pictures of meet and cheese, who knows.

the meat

the cheese, oh god the cheese!!!

come on look at all the meet and cheese!!! its beautiful! and the little tiny jars are, "marmalade" or so they say. all i know is it is DAMN GOOD!!!

i met a man today. he was an artist. he spoke no English, and i fell in love with his paintings.
we used a common language though eyes and hands and art. he told me stories about what his work was about in another language, and i understood. strangely enough. we smoked and drank wine. (second thought, maybe thats why i understood him, i was drunk!) the piece i wanted was more then i could afford. he handed me a pen and asked me to write what i could afford. i emptied my pockets and he handed me the piece of art.(second thought, so was he!) :) he said in English, one artist to another. one hand to another. it was the first piece of art i bought for myself. and i fucking love it.

I didn’t pull out my map once today. I chose a direction and had no clue where it would lead. Basically I saw lots of people and went in that direction. Until finally I saw lesbians.. and then gay men, oh my! Life was good.. Friedrichshain is my new favorite neighborhood. which leads me to the end of my day. Lost! Happily. So I found yet again they cutest café drank wine.but this time with a map. and My new piece of art occupying the seat beside me.

i have decided to smile at everyone even though all i receive in return are glares... except today, an older man stopped and in German, or coarse, said something that sounded like, (it is possible i might kill you if you keep smiling at strangers) i was a little frightened.. he put out his hand and shook mine. and smiled back. even though our language divides us like the biggest of oceans, a simple hand gesture carried me safely into his palm. baby steps to breaking this cold german shell.

its easter tomorrow. in preparation i boiled eggs, but they do not sell egg dye in the foreign country! bastards. so i will have to be creative.. im sure photos will follow.



  1. I love all these stories!!!! the painting one especially, and I also love the meat and cheeses! xo

  2. i need those meats and cheeses! NOW.
    oh, and you!